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Alinne França

The work

In her pictures, Alinne França deals with a variety of topics: motifs from pop culture appear as well as depictions of the Savior or alienated landscapes. Her style can be described as cubist, she composes her pictures from geometric figures. It is noticeable that round shapes predominate. Her works are garish, the colors sometimes expressed almost in neon tones. There are hardly any transitions between the tones, as is not uncommon with Expressionists and Cubists.

"Our Lady of Grace"

The picture "Our Lady of Grace", originally an oil painting on canvas, is a contemporary representation of Mary. The Mother of God stands on the globe and has slightly raised her hands in intercession. At their feet lies the defeated snake. A halo of small stars circles around the crowned head of the Madonna, clad in a blue robe. The background is particularly beautiful in the picture. With his coherent color fields, he makes the picture complete. Certainly it is not a work that was created with the idea of ​​placing it at the altar, but as an art print it can have a calming and perhaps even blessing effect in your own four walls.

"Frida Kahlo"

The depiction of Frida Kahlos, this world-famous Mexican painter of surrealism with a sensational life, is abstract and contradictory: the colors used form a very strong contrast and Franças completely dispenses with round shapes in this work, which is atypical. Through the perspective and the placement of the motif, it creates a space almost at the edge of the picture, which continues in front of the picture. The view of the portrayed Frida Kahlo goes diagonally through this room. This view can also cover the living room at home. If the room is otherwise kept rather modern, the Kahlo portrait can set a stylish accent.

"Brunette woman"

With all the caution with which such assessments must always be made, the picture “Brunette Woman” is perhaps the most closely related to historical cubism (of course one cannot speak of “cubism”). The depicted woman with only one side of her face painted looks strangely familiar to the viewer. As far as the forms are concerned, the picture is the exact opposite of the portrait of Frida Kahlo presented above: the whole picture looks round and Alinne França almost completely dispenses with hard angles.

The artist

França herself, born in Brazil in 1985, started painting at the age of 27. She comes from Bahia, a state by the sea in the north of the largest South American state. She still feels a connection to this region, which has become much more touristy in recent years (many Brazilians spend their holidays there on the beach).

Design options

As diverse as França's work are also the possibilities to incorporate it as an art print in the decoration of your own home. Whether you want to set a sign of religiosity, need a color point of friction in an otherwise predominantly white room, or see Alinne França's work as an homage to Picasso: the field is very broad and there are several reasons to buy a mural based on an original França.

Gallery of Alinne Franca