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Alinne França - The Beatles

Come together!

George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and John Lennon walk down Abbey Road, which is probably the most famous zebra crossing in the world, which has been a listed building since 2010. Who doesn't associate one or two good Beatles moments at this sight, who isn't already humming "Come Together" or "Here comes the Sun"?

Cult motif - so well known, so new

Alinne França, the artist of this mural, takes up perhaps the most famous Beatles cover. The photo that shows the band as we all know them, even those of us who weren't even born when they split up in 1970. The picture shows the cover of the last album by the four Brits: Abbey Road, released in 1969. The cover is incredibly well known and works amazingly. No lettering, neither the band name nor the title of the album are printed over the photo. It stands on its own. According to Paul McCartney, the photo was taken very spontaneously. A cover was urgently needed and the intersection was in front of the studio door. It even made the white VW Beetle on the left side of the road famous. Today it is a museum piece. The artist dispenses with this in her depiction, however. She reduces the photo, emphasizes the most important thing, the four musicians. But it is precisely this reduction and its powerful color scheme that gives the picture enormous expressiveness.

The Abbey Road cover went down in history a long time ago. It doesn't just represent the band's world-famous music. It stands for the invention of rock, for the music of an entire century. The work of Alinne França pays tribute to the cover and at the same time, thanks to the special work of its creator, is so much more. With this, the artist shows: Art enables us to see something as familiar as a decades-old photo that has burned itself into our collective cultural memory with new eyes and to put a lot of our own associations and emotions into it.

The artist

Alinne França is a young, Brazilian artist. Art has been with her all her life. Pablo Picasso's work has had a huge impact on her work. Many of her pictures are very much inspired by Cubism. She always uses exceptionally strong, expressive colors. Also in this plant. Not least because of this it gains in uniqueness, this well-known motif. In Franças The Beatles the atmosphere and zest for life that one associates with her home country Brazil can be recognized.

Style, pop and color for your home

Beautify your living room with this iconic motif, which the artist has so wonderfully taken up and translated into her own style. It works very well as a canvas picture or poster - in colorfully furnished rooms, as well as a stylish color provider in a rather simple interior.

If you can't have enough of the band in your life, you can use it to make yourself comfortable in bed or get in a good mood with the first coffee of the day: The motif is also available on pillows or as a mug.