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Andy Warhol - Faces

Andy Warhole (Faces)

Edu Thome is a Brazilian art professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Sao Paolo. Born in Sao Caetano do sul, a suburb of Sao Paolo, he is now well-known in the Brazilian art scene and partly beyond the borders of the state of Brazil. Thomé is artistically at home in the style of Pop Art, which was shaped in the middle of the last century by international greats such as Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhole or the (lesser known) Robert Rauschenberg. Edu Thomé is particularly oriented towards Warhole.

The role model

Andy Warhole, son of “Russian” immigrants from today's Slovakia, found access to modern art through his work as a commercial artist and illustrator. Both the garish style of Warholes and the choice of his motifs can be traced back to this background: In his works he predominantly deals with glamorous public figures, stars and celebrities. Among his most famous motifs are the actors and Hollywood stars Marilyn Monroe and James Dean as well as the singer Elvis Presley. The artist's way of working is special: instead of painting himself, he used existing photographs and alienated them through distortion and, above all, his characteristic color interpretation, which he applied with the screen printing process. In the meantime, Warholes prints are very widespread internationally and are often reinterpreted and sold on all kinds of products such as mugs, pillows or T-shirts.

The artist

Edu Thomé, in turn, has found an extraordinary way to pay homage to his idol. In the style of his role model, he uses several photographs of the same person in different poses and phases of life and puts them together in a collage, which he alienates and processes in neon colors in the typical way of pop art. The strange thing: The model is a Warhole. Seldom have the object of a work and its implementation harmonized so perfectly as here. The scintillating and shrill artistic personality of the American self-made man, who shaped an entire epoch, is interpreted in the equally shrill way he introduced. The work is consequently named "Andy Warhole (Faces)".

The context

Anyone looking for an extraordinary wall decoration will appreciate the Thomé picture. As a canvas picture above the sofa at home, it almost automatically forms the center of the room and will provide a second glance for the visitor. It can be used as a hook for discussions about art and interpretation. Where does the processing end, where does the independent creation begin (a question that Warhole had to ask himself again and again from the beginning of his career and that is equally applicable to his contemporary follower Thomé)? The picture of the Brazilian is also ideal as a gift. Do you have a declared Warhole disciple in your circle of friends? Such a person would certainly be happy about a sofa cushion with reference to his hero. Of course, you can also just buy a coffee cup with a sixteen-fold likeness of Warholes. Either way, you stand out from the owners of commercialized Warholes paintings sold in tourist shops by opening yourself up to a new perspective on the artist.