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Authentic pictures with a lot of soul from Brazil

Brazil is not only the sonorous name of a country that arouses longing for holidays and associations with sun, beach and sea in many of us, but also an incredibly complex place full of wonder, magic and surprises due to its extensive history and geographical location.


A short walk through a long history

Occupied by Portuguese seafarers at the beginning of the 15th century, this part of the world first became famous in Europe for the tropical wood Pau Brasil, which originated there. The Portuguese word Brasil describes the unique reddish color of this tree and has been preserved as the name of the former colony to this day. Recourse to a color hitherto unknown in Europe already shows how different and rich in shapes and surfaces that are unfamiliar to our eyes this distant land is. But to lose oneself in pure exoticism would be too easy. In order to be able to mine the treasures of the newly occupied lands efficiently, the Portuguese monarchs walked over corpses. The indigenous population was fought and pushed back, people from Africa were enslaved and shipped overseas. Modern Brazilian society is a reflection of this history; it is diverse, complex and constantly changing.


I can see what you can not see

Art arises from the utilization of and preoccupation with experiences, so it is not surprising that painting and photography from this country with colonial history and tropical landscapes as a background also produce other images. The modern art of Brazil is colorful, playful and abstract, negotiates politics and is not afraid of eroticism. It is diverse and, thanks to our offers, is also available for you as canvas prints at low cost. Even if you have already been to Brazil, you may have had the experience that some works cannot be bought because there is no more space in your luggage. With our high quality prints this is no longer a problem and you can relive your memories of a probably unforgettable trip. We have a large selection of contemporary Brazilian works of art and would like to introduce you to four of our artists.


Amanda Morais - body between trauma and redemption

The young artist's photographs show women in tropical forests. Titles such as "Goddess of the Forest" and "Mermaids" suggest that there is more to discover in Amanda Morais' work than beautiful bodies. The women depicted are descendants of slaves and the indigenous people who are still often oppressed today. In clear compositions and an extremely defined color palette, Morais develops images full of power and beauty. Despite their subtle eroticism, the recordings never seem suggestive, but rather show the sitter in moments of inner contemplation and calm. The women in the pictures actually become goddesses of the forest and mermaids, it almost seems as if Morais has strayed with her camera to a mysterious place where these legendary figures can actually be found. The light colored green by the leaves of the plants has a calming effect and creates a concentrated atmosphere. With a wall art painting by Amanda Morais you give a very special part of Brazilian culture a space in your own four walls.

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Eduardo Thomé - geometric abstraction meets a unique understanding of color

A large part of the diverse oeuvre of the painter Eduardo Thomé is devoted to exploring areas of color with a brush. The pictures, often referred to as compositions by the artist, convince with their self-confident color choice and finely coordinated shapes. The artist masterfully manages to move from figurative representations to abstraction in his work. With this style, Eduardo Thomé is in the tradition of grand masters of geometric abstraction such as Hélio Oiticica. It is thanks to this important representative of Brazilian art history that works can be found in countless museums around the world under the collective term Tropicalismo. This style is popular with connoisseurs of the scene because it combines the clear forms of abstraction with the overwhelming blaze of colors of Latin America. Thomé stands in the tradition of this phase of Brazilian art and keeps the legacy of his ancestors alive.

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Paulo Peter - Favelas and Birds

Paulo Peter's paintings move between nature and the big city. With a rough style that is reminiscent of the early works of masters of Impressionism, he creates expressive snapshots of a country that is exposed to great tensions between rich nature and poor population. The painter creates melancholy scenes of the favelas of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, but they never seem oppressive or convey despair. They are compassionate glimpses into the everyday life of the population. But the artist does not only dedicate his work to the human inhabitants. His portraits of birds give us an idea of ​​the biodiversity of the tropics. With quick brushstrokes, he brings the character of the winged friends to the point and thus gives us the opportunity to bring a bird of paradise into our own living room.

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Sérgio Piancó - Modern, colorful and playful

With his gaudy storms of colors and patterns, the painter Sérgio Piancó has found a completely independent voice. Landmarks such as the famous Christian become abstract choreographies in his paintings. The detailed repetitions of forms make the pictures vibrate and bring the atmosphere of the Carnival of Rio onto the screen. It seems as if Piancó is dancing more with a brush than painting. The thick contours are partly reminiscent of graphics from the Art Nouveau era, but the painterly solutions are much closer to Pop Art artists such as Keith Haring. A comparison with Hundertwasser also suggests itself, whose stylistic peculiarities have established its reputation to this day. Despite all the comparisons and references, however, it remains impossible to fully classify and understand the works of Sérgio Piancó. One thing is certain, however: If you hang your pictures in your bedroom, you will start the day with a lot of energy in the future.

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The agony of choice

These are just a few of the excellent artists from this fascinating country who are represented in our shop. If you're in the mood for more, just take a look at our offer and order your favorites right away! If the wall space in your own four walls is slowly becoming scarce because of our murals and posters, we also have mugs or high-quality motifs printed on pillows in our shop. They are ideal as gifts - to yourself or to loved ones.

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