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Diedel Heidemann – Pop culture from Lower Saxony

Career of the artist

Born in 1969 in Münsterland, Heidemann's artistic talent was already evident in school. After qualifying for a university of applied sciences, he studied painting for two years at the Freystil painting school in Vechta. In 1993, Heidemann decided not to study and to start his career as a freelance artist. In 1997 he expanded his painting technique by taking on a contract for decorative wall design in Bremen. From 2003 he also worked as a graphic artist. Using computer-based editing programs, he created logos and illustrations. In 2006 Heidemann founded the free painting school "Malplatz" to enable interested people of all ages to paint. In 2012 a collaboration with the Berlin gallery "Art Project Format T" was established. His paintings have been accessible to the public in numerous exhibitions since 1996. An illustrated book of Heidemann's works has been available since 2014 under the title “Work excerpt until 2014”.


Technology and way of working

Heidemann's painting focuses on people. In addition to aesthetically pleasing objects, he likes to choose socially critical topics as motifs. The seemingly realistic painting style is due to his background in figurative drawing. Heidemann prefers water-based colors such as acrylic or emulsion paints. These fit in with his fast, impulsive way of working and enable the processing of different canvases at the same time. Especially when working on socially critical or current topics, motifs can be quickly changed and adapted to the situation. The counterpart to fast work are his long-term projects, works with oil paints. What is particularly noteworthy about Heidemann's paintings is the deviation from traditional materials. Natural dyes such as red wine, coffee and earth as well as clippings from newspapers, magazines and packaging find their way into his work. In recent years he has also been using graphics and illustration as an expression of his creativity. The works are also processed with computer programs.


Style and customers

With his very own style, Heidemann portrays people of all ages on canvas - from children to young women and eroticism to older married couples. But figureheads of art and pop culture also form the motif of his works. In addition to Greek statues, he stylized greats such as David Bowie, Udo Lindenberg and Michael Jordan. His expressive and at the same time unobtrusive pictures appeal to many people. His customers include companies such as Kunsthandwerkbedarf Boesner in Hanover, event management companies such as Decoco in Hamburg and various clubs such as Glashaus in Leinfelde-Worbis. In addition, a large number of Heidemann's paintings are in public or private possession abroad. In addition to European countries, he also has customers in the U.S.A.


An enrichment for interiors

Heidemann's works are modern, colorful and based on current events. This not only enhances interior spaces aesthetically. They contain a message that can be deciphered on closer inspection. The paintings are an expression of individual taste and are therefore an ideal addition to establishments with a strong character. Heidemann's works have only been available online since 2009. Ordering his paintings online enables him to continue working as a freelance artist.