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Framed Art Print - Smooth - Gundula Kern - Moving Atom

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"Framed Art Print - Smooth - Gundula Kern - Moving Atom"

Gundula Kern is immersed in the wonderful world of electronics, voltage and resistance and powerfully combines technology on their screens. The viewer sinks downright storm of colors disappears into its depths and discovered on his property interesting surface structures.

Moving Atom:
A noise of reds in its contrasts, yellow stands for energy and the connection to the solar energy that is being used solar cells to the right newly supplemented aspect. The Earth as a giant energy supplier of geothermal energy, which manifests itself in the glowing pink-red. The shaped tube that runs through from the left of the screen to the right half, symbolizes the heat pump technology. Right below you can see a broadband cable to the energy flows are connected. On the left of the screen you can also find processors that run through your energy channels the painting.

Moving Atom has been extended for the owner Klaus Schnepf and finds in its energy-efficient multi-family house a proper place.

Acrylic, sand, pigment, paper collage on canvas
100 x 150 cm and 120 cm x 150

The artist:
Gundula Kern

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Framed art prints
Each framed print is handmade by our trained and experienced professionals.

12 color giclée print.

All frames have a width of 20 mm (23 depth), are 100% acid-free and FSC certified. The colors are also preserved in the long run - no fading, no discolouration.

Each framed print has a single passepartout in clear glacier white.

2mm Float-Glass.

At the back you will find a practical rope suspension, which means you only need one nail or screw and can align your picture horizontally simply.

At all corners we add a corner protector made of cardboard, wrapped around with a protective film. Your picture is protected by an air cushion protector and comes safely packed in a stable carton at your home.
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Product: Framed Print - Fine Art
Theme: Abstract
Artist: Gundula Kern
Size: 30x40cm
Orientation: vertical
Frame Color: Black, Dark Brown, Gold, Natural, Silver, White
Mount Color: Glacier
Glass: Water-white float glass