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Guerrode Adolpho from Sao Paulo - Brazil

The work

The work of the artist Guerrode Adolpho stands out for the variety and intensity of its colors and will remind some of them strongly of street art. His painting style may have been taken from this, but not the scenery that Adolpho shows. The painter depicts the life of the common people in Brazil, more precisely that of the people of the city of Bahia in the north of the Amazon.

"Primitive people from Bahia"

His series “Primitive People from Bahia”, which approaches his object without arrogance, seems like a modern (and of course artistically and technically completely different) continuation of the motifs of Paul Gauguin (1848-1903), who, as an impressionist painter, was above all involved the peculiar life of the Tahitians (you can buy art prints of Gauguin's paintings here).

"Fisherman on the Beach"

Another series of Adolphos shows scenes from the everyday life of Brazilian fishermen. Adolpho places the fishermen and their boats in the center of attention from the perspective of the strollers on the beach, peering out towards the sea. In doing so, he shows a spontaneous, unconstrained carelessness with regard to being true to scale. Such is the case in European art history, especially in sacred painting. At that time it was important for the painters to place the saint in the foreground in a large and space-filling manner. With Adolpho, this style has an extremely authentic effect; every brushstroke is taken away from the relaxed, natural.

In addition, Adolpho also paints abstract pictures, such as rainbows as color spectra and centers spreading out in different shades of turquoise. Despite a comparable intensity of color, these works stand out strongly from his living motifs. But that is precisely what makes him so diverse and interesting as an artist.

The artist

Guerrode Adolpho comes from an artists' quarter in the Brazilian metropolis of Sao Paulo. Confronted early on with contrasting designs, style influences and realities of life, the Brazilian soon developed his own signature. It is remarkable that Adolpho deals almost exclusively with the simple rural population despite or perhaps because of his own urban environment.

Design options

The extraordinary work by Guerrode Adolpho opens up a wide field of reception options and can be integrated into modern living space in different ways. As a mural in the corridor, it welcomes those coming home and visitors alike with an explosion of color that arouses positive emotions when entering the apartment. In the living room it might awaken a feeling of vacation, the smell of salt, the setting sun on your skin - and all that without the usual tourist crowds with whom you unfortunately have to share the spectacular sights of Brazil all too often. In the study, however, Adolpho can stimulate thought about foreign cultural assets and the living conditions of distant countries. In a bright and colorful room, one of his pictures supports the overall concept, in a rather sterile room it stands for contrast and confrontation. The picture “Abstract Modern Turquoise” in particular can be stylishly and coherently combined with upholstered furniture that either matches one of the tones contained in the picture or has a complementary color. Its effects are as varied and contradictory as the work: It gives energy and calms, it sharpens awareness of the problems of others and can make the viewer wander.

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