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Gustav Klimt - The Kiss

The romance of Belvedere Palace - for your home!

Who wouldn't want to bring the romantic flair of Vienna's Belvedere Palace into their own four walls? "The Kiss", one of the most important works of the famous Art Nouveau painter Gustav Klimt, is not only an expression of an exceptional talent but also a work of art that fascinates even after repeated viewing. With the lush gold tones and the elegant and sensual composition, this picture is one of the most expressive works of Art Nouveau and the turn of the century. The "Viennese Modernism" shaped the life and culture of the Austrian capital and is still the favorite of many art fans today.


Coffee house atmosphere with Klimt

The creator of this golden work is Gustav Klimt, a protagonist of "Viennese Modernism". As the son of a gold engraver, the decorative element played a role in the artist's life from an early age. He was supposed to learn his father's profession first, but thanks to a scholarship, he decided to become a creative artist. Most of his works were created at his home and Klimt was known for living a rather simple life - almost a contradiction to the opulence of his pictures. Above all, the female form fascinated him and is a recurring element in his works - an ode to femininity! "The Kiss" is probably the artist's best-known work and celebrates love and passion. The preciousness of gold is directly related to the preciousness of human relationships. You can now easily bring this attitude to life and the atmosphere of a Viennese coffee house at the turn of the century into your living room yourself!


Golden hours and candlelight

"The Kiss" was created during the so-called "Golden Period", a central creative period of the artist, which is mainly characterized by its popularity with art critics. During this time, Klimt mainly used gold tones and mosaic-like ornaments in his compositions. Numerous trips to Venice and Ravenna also inspired the artist and his works lastingly. The use of gold and silver leaf as well as the composition of the painting have their roots in Byzantine art, but the artist was also inspired by the English Arts & Crafts movement. Central themes of Art Nouveau art: opulence, sensuality and romance at the center of human relationships.


Old masters in a new setting

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