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Luis Teixeira Mendes - Movie fan and photographer

The Brazilian photographer and journalist Luis Teixeira Mendes strolls through Rio de Janeiro every day to capture the beauties of the city and nature in modern photographs. He attaches particular importance to the architecture, street scenes, nature and the beach.

From film friend to photographer

He once owned the legendary PARADISE VIDEO. This video library, specializing in cult, European and Brazilian films, has become an insider tip among film lovers and artists. In 2016 he had to close the Paradise video, which was even reported in the Globe newspaper under the title "Paradise: The End of an Era". Mendes plans to open a cinema soon on Copacabana, which will also be a meeting place for artists and intellectuals.

Today Luis Teixeira Mendes runs a photo studio on Copacabana. There he works with various models and artists. Modern performance photography is also one of his passions. His photographs show the beauty and also the sobering side of Rio de Janeiro. Decorative landscapes and sharp social criticism are part of his repertoire. Mendes is a student of the artist Walter Firmo, who is considered one of the greatest photographers of all time. He still works with Walter Firmo today on exhibitions and vernissages.

Exhibitions and successes

In 2018 Mendes organized the exhibition “Crônica Carioca of a certain river” in the Museum of the Republic. A record audience of 12,000 visitors was recorded there. In 2019, the cultural department of the Palácio Tiradentes invited him to exhibit his works. In the historic building of the National Congress of Brazil he showed an exhibition of wall paintings from Rio de Janeiro with the "Chronicle of a Beloved City".

Film and art

His cinema on Copacabana, which is still being planned, will be a meeting place for intellectuals to watch and discuss artistically valuable films. In addition, he wants to give young artists the chance to exhibit their photos and pictures in the cinema halls.

Social networks

Mendes knows how to use contemporary social networks and also presents his art on Instagram and Facebook. 11,000 followers on Instagram and 17,000 subscribers on Facebook testify to his success.

Stylish interior decoration

The modern photographs by the Brazilian artist are ideal for decorating offices, medical practices, living rooms and much more with tasteful murals. Certainly you will hear a lot from the student and protégé Walter Firmos in the future - his career as a photographer and artist is constantly on the rise.

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