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Na hora do adeus - On Farewell

Since the beginning of the global corona crisis at the beginning of the year, cultural institutions such as museums, galleries, theaters and even libraries have been closed all over the world. Most of the cultural life came to a standstill. This is also the case in Brazil, where two actors joined forces in June to counteract this. Kenny Alberti and Marcus Tardin did not want to sit and watch the stagnation of public life and therefore founded an online format in which they broadcast the play "Zum Abschied" (in the original "Na hora do adeus") live on Instagram every Sunday.

The artists

Kenny Alberti and Marcus Tardin are two actors and performance artists respectively who were on stage together in “Na hora do adeus” two years ago. Tardin also works as a writer for a television station and has already published a novel.

The story

The play is about a couple with their problems: It's about loss and grief as well as reconciliation and finding each other. Ultimately it is a love piece and so the artists also describe their motivation in a (also digital) appeal for donations: They launched the project "to keep the flame burning and to spread love further". It is about reaching and cheering people up in the difficult times of domestic isolation. Last but not least, Alberti and Tardin want to do something about loneliness and depression in their viewers, maybe even prevent some from desperate steps.

The interaction

The special thing about the project, the last performance of which was given on September 27th, is the dialogue between the artists and their audience. After the performance, they react in real time to comments from their viewers and stream video calls with psychologists, writers, volunteers and “real heroes”. It is due to the spatial distance that nobody can applaud and the performers cannot see their audience. It is thanks to the concept, in which an interaction still takes place, that this loss of closeness seems almost balanced.

The range

It is to be hoped that Alberti and Tardin were able to reach their audiences and that the online performances of “Na hora do adeus” will not have been the last of their kind and may even find imitators outside of Brazil. Because even if the play was discussed favorably in the fringes of the Brazilian press, the two actors lack reach. Almost 3000 users follow the project's official website online. Nevertheless, if there were only a handful of people who were able to draw strength from the performances on Instagram over the past few Sundays, it can be considered a complete success.
Perhaps it even stimulated one or the other actor, comedian or painter to think about creative ways to transport their own work to the audience even in these times. That would be desirable, because then Kenny Alberti and Marcus Tardin have achieved their self-imposed goal: to cheer up people and help them not to feel left alone, even in their physical isolation.

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