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Paintings by Mônica Moraes

In this day and age, there is a lack of color in the room. Offices are seriously decorated in gray or white. Cafés and restaurants are decorated in a simple and inconspicuous color. And apartments are tastefully furnished, but mostly painted in light, calm wall colors. Often a splash of color, an eye-catcher, a focus in the room is missing. The colorful, spirited works by the Brazilian artist Mônica Moraes are the answer. Their trademark are colorful umbrella collages.

About the artist

Moraes lives and works in the seaside resort of Ubatuba in Brazil. Located on the north coast of Sao Paulo, the place is known as a surfer's paradise and sailing center. In addition to the numerous beaches, the large town consists of over 80% green forests. These belong to the Serra do Mar State Park, one of the largest surviving rainforest areas in Brazil. Ubatuba is not only an ideal vacation spot, but with its pristine and immense nature it is also a great source of inspiration for artists like Moraes. In her small studio she processes the colorful impressions of flora and fauna, such as certain bird and plant species. In addition, the numerous rainy days are reflected in her paintings, which earned the town the nickname Uba Chuva - chuva, Portuguese for rain.

The work of Mônica Moraes

Colorful umbrellas can be found in a variety of Morae's work. The umbrella collages, some of which appear urban, spray positive things and drive away thoughts of dreary rainy days. Thanks to the large palette of colors that Moraes uses, the images match any interior. One of the radiant, different shade colors can be found in every room, be it in a red pillowcase or a dark blue couch. In addition to the recurring theme of the umbrellas, another focus of Moraes ’art is on natural themes. In particular, toucans and other colorful rainforest birds and abstract, floral elements are the subject of many pictures. With the figurative representation of the tropical bird and plant diversity, the artist manages to capture the atmosphere of Brazil on canvas.

Decoration for home and office

When furnishing office or living rooms, it is advisable to adhere to a design line and to integrate elements that belong together in different rooms. Paintings are extremely suitable for this. Moraes' works can run like a red thread through the premises. The colorful work forms a tasteful welcome in the entrance area, provides every living room with an atmospheric splash of color and transforms the bedroom into a tropical, spirited place of well-being.

In office buildings, individual meeting rooms can be given an atmospheric upgrade and work areas can be given an individual touch. Employees feel comfortable and valued more at work thanks to aesthetic paintings. Customers and business partners remember spaces with striking art better.

Support of the Brazilian artist

Not many people currently own works by the artist Moraes. Mainly locals and tourists who vacation in Ubatuba buy their paintings. Due to the limited radius of the studio, your production radius can only grow through internet sales. When interested parties order their paintings online, they not only help Moraes to achieve greater international recognition, but also support the artist to continue her studio work.