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Paulo Peter - Expressive and lively impressions from nature and the big city

Paulo Peter is an artist who lives and works in Sao Paulo. In the Brazilian city, he and his wife are exhibiting his Impressionist-inspired works of art on Avenue Paulista.


Avenue Paulista - melting pot of artistic creation

Avenue Paulista embodies the contrasts and diversity of Brazil like no other street in Sao Paulo and is known for an intense cultural life and the coexistence of different cultures. It is a melting pot of artistic creation and a link between many opposites. Here modern meets the present and creates a synthesis that makes this big city so unique. The Avenue Paulista is not considered one of the most important streets in the city for nothing. The artist embodies this atmosphere of the country in impressive white in his subtle yet colorful pictures.


From the favelas of South America to the streets of Paris

The artist captures the impressions of major Brazilian cities with a sensitive eye for details, and reproduces them with liveliness and authenticity. The sight of the art prints gives an expressive insight into the rainy streets and favelas of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. He creates snapshots that reflect what nature and people have given up, and creates an atmosphere that exuded melancholy and vital energy at the same time. He visually harmonizes the contrasts of the cities and his images give the environment just as much peace and relaxation as liveliness, which rubs off on the surroundings.


The timeless streets of Paris

His repertoire also includes works from the streets of Paris. With his empathic eye for details, he also captures the mood of the city and its people, and reproduces it with his brushstroke and a wistful and at the same time optimistic interpretation. His timeless depictions of Paris span an arc from the past to the present.


The blaze of color and biodiversity of the birds in the jungle

In addition to the impressions of the poor cities, the painter shows the diversity and contrasts of the whole country, and also gives his perceptions of the rich nature of Brazil. This includes in particular the blaze of color and the diversity of species in the world of animals, which gives an insight into the rich life of the jungle and tropics. The drawings of different bird species in colorful variations set discreet focal points and give rooms in a selection of different color spectra a lively accent in the form of hummingbirds, cardinals and other bird species.


Brazilian vacation mood with fishing boats and beaches

Brazil as a holiday destination is another genre that the images of Paulo Peters take up. The drawings of sea shores, harbors with fishing boats and beaches illustrate another facet of the country and the synthesis of city and nature. A country that promises a holiday atmosphere with rustic boats and natural beaches. A sight that exudes a melancholy atmosphere and arouses longing. But without being overwhelming. He creatively manages to awaken the sadness, to absorb it and to transform it into a positive mood, and to create authentic snapshots. Pictures capture and reflect the contrasts of a country, and combine blurring as well as clarity.

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