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Paulo Peter - Favela Brazil

Paulo Peter - Favela Brazil

Our artist of the month is Paulo Peter from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He processes his impressions creatively on the canvas, and thus cast a spell over us. With his art he conveys his very personal perception of his surroundings in an emotional way. This motif, called Favela Brazil, shows the well-known poor areas as they are common in large cities such as Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. The colorful houses are stylistically represented and convey the wild beauty of districts that grow from the inside instead of being planned from the outside. Light and color give the work of art its movement, so that it vibrates like a really busy city. These neighborhoods are part of Latin American history, and despite the inherent tragedy, the work shows a happy side of it, with the houses as colorful as the laundry hung up to dry.

The creative and unique energy of the favelas is particularly impressive for many tourists. Very few travelers leave out these special places on their tours when they come near them. Perhaps you have already been to a place like this and thus had the opportunity to get to know this very different way of life? Then you will probably know exactly what Paulo Peter was trying to express. But also, since many had to forego their vacation or planned trips this year, all those who lack travel, discovery and the differentness of other places have the opportunity to bring some of it directly into their own living room. Thanks to the very personal portrayal of this quarter by the Brazilian-born and living artist, if you look at it for a long time you almost hear the noise of a pulsating city and to be inundated by a cloud of strange smells that take you far away.

But while we forego a trip to protect ourselves and others from Covid-19, many people in the favelas and big cities suffer extremely from a lack of tourism and thus vital income. The already precarious living conditions in the slums of Sao Paulo and all of Latin America demand a high level of creativity, flexibility and the will to survive from the people living there. As a result of the pandemic, the conditions there have worsened again extremely for many people. With our selection of Paulo Peter as Artist of the Month November 2020, we try to draw attention to this. As in Germany, many artists in Brazil are particularly suffering from the pandemic and the loss of normal income, and can thus benefit from every cent or real. By purchasing this or any of our other canvas prints or posters, you are making your own contribution to the support of the artist, as well as all of our other artists. Even a small contribution can guarantee help and give some people the opportunity to live independently and to express their unique and diverse art.

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