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Sérgio Piancó - Art around the world

The colorful world of Sérgio Piancó

The Brazilian artist Sérgio Piancó impresses with his unmistakable style and his highly decorative art. He lives in Sao Paulo and is very popular in his homeland. Brazilian television featured an interview with the artist, but he is also known internationally. Piancó has been artistically active for more than 20 years and has created a wealth of detailed works during this time. His oeuvre is varied, besides painting, Piancó is also active as a designer, sculptor and blogger.

Strong colors and fine details - the unmistakable style of the artist

Sérgio Piancó paints in strong colors. Many of his works are very colorful, with others he is content with a few, harmonious colors. Many of Piancó's pictures can even be assigned to monochrome painting. These works, which are dominated by one color in various shades and shades, are particularly suitable for embellishing your home or workplace, as they can be ordered in a color that matches the furnishings.

The style of the versatile artist is characterized by imaginative elements and fine patterns. Even large-area motifs consist of lovingly made - often geometric - tiny structures. There is no perspective, Piancó's painting is always two-dimensional. The artist from Brazil writes on his website that he loves life and it is precisely this love that he expresses in his colorful paintings. His style is soulful, playful and lively.

Versatile theme world

The topics with which he deals are as varied as the artist himself. He painted images of saints as well as famous places from all over the world. Many motifs are inspired by Brazil, but famous cities such as London, Rome and Athens have also been immortalized. The World Skylines are a really original series. Striking sights from many cities around the world are united side by side on one painting. Together they form a skyline as if they were all in one place. The statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro is right next to the Eiffel Tower, a few houses further is the Colosseum and many other famous buildings. You can immerse yourself in this work of art for a long time and take a tour around the world in this way. Piancós art inspired by literature is interesting and delightful. The titles of books and classical stage plays became imaginative, colorful paintings. Among them are Romeo and Juliet and even Harry Potter.

Highlights or harmony for the interior design

Because Piancó's work is so diverse, there is something for every purpose. Monochrome images can be chosen to match the furnishings in order to create a calm and harmonious atmosphere. This can, for example, have a positive effect on a work environment. If, on the other hand, a dynamic impression is desired, the colorful, detailed works of art on canvas are suitable. The latter can be a great addition to light pastel or gray environments. Some of the Brazilian artist's works are printed on mugs. A cup that can be bought to match the painting on the wall creates a surprise effect.


Live radio interview

... with the artist on Play Brazil.
Tuesday, 08/18/2020 20:00 (UTC + 1, Lisbon, Portugal)