Stretched canvas print - Premium - weewado - Your image as premium canvas

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"Stretched canvas print - Premium - weewado - Your image as premium canvas"

Order your own image as a premium canvas now.

The artist:

Stretched Canvas
Pro lab 12-colour giclée fine art print on a 400 g/m2 fine structured canvas for sensational details and depth.

38mm wooden frame made of pinewood. Perfect protection on the backside.

Hang it directly with 1 or 2 nails at the wooden frame.

Your picture is protected by an air cushion protector and arrives safely packed in a stable carton at your home.
Leinwandbild Classic - Material und Kante
Leinwandbild Classic - Rückseite
Product: Stretched Canvas - Premium - Fine Art
Theme: Art
Artist: Unknown
Size: 20x30cm, 25x30cm, 30x20cm, 30x25cm, 30x40cm, 30x45cm, 40x30cm, 40x40cm, 40x50cm, 40x60cm, 45x30cm, 45x60cm, 50x40cm, 50x50cm, 50x60cm, 50x75cm, 60x40cm, 60x45cm, 60x50cm, 60x60cm, 60x75cm, 60x80cm, 75x50cm, 75x60cm, 80x60cm
Orientation: horizontal