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Wallart from Valery Rybakou

About the artist

The Belarusian-born artist generally specializes in landscapes at different times of the year. He is mainly based on the realistic art epoch. Valery Rybakou's goal is to reach the human inner life with the result that either a positive or a negative effect can be achieved. Ideally, however, expression through art helps heal wounds or stir up hope. Rybakou prefers to use oil paints, whereby he wants to convey his feelings, his passion and the music that is playing inside him to the outside. Some of his works, which are available both as canvas prints and in the form of a poster, are presented in more detail below.

Balloon greetings

On canvas paintings you can see a girl holding a whole bunch of balloons. Standing on clouds, the girl lets balloons in the colors red, yellow, blue and green soar high into the sky. It is up to the recipient to decide whether to let go of the whole bundle and send colored greetings to the world or whether the girl holds the string and thus forms a unit with the colorful surroundings. The blue background potentially indicates both external and internal clarity. In order to let the picture work on you from different perspectives, it is worth buying it yourself.

Colorful landscapes

In addition to the balloon pictures, there are pictures with different landscapes, such as a colorful meadow of flowers. In this the viewer can lose himself and dream himself into the "Italian Tuscany", so to speak, in the poppy field with predominantly red and purple flowers. Autumn landscapes are also presented, which either have trees with golden-brown leaves, a sunset or rays of the sun shining through the individual trees. It can therefore be clearly seen that Valery Rybakou's work is very colorful. If you want to benefit from a colorful environment, you will certainly not regret buying a spring or autumn picture from the artist.

Magical moonlit nights

Rybakou also highlights the moon as a motif. In one of his pictures, this represents a background to a river with a "terrible" mountain and numerous branches. The color combination between an intense blue tone and the yellow that shapes the moon lets the observer slide down into a fantasy world. A picture in which a young woman stands in the dark in front of a tree is even more dreamy. From there an air staircase, which is located above a body of water, leads to the moon. This is placed between evenly distributed clouds and stars. Here, too, it is up to the recipient whether he sees the stairs as a fantasy construct or as a possible magical actual link to the fulfillment of a dream. So if you want to participate in such daydreams, the acquisition of such a painting is highly recommended.


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