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Your own photo as a canvas print

Own picture

It is often much more satisfying than using impersonal decorations to hang up your own pictures. With the self-shot photo on the wall, one associates experiences and memories. Is it a beautiful landscape that you photographed on your last hiking holiday or maybe a group picture from a special evening with friends? Another idea might be to have family snapshots professionally printed and hung up. There is a long tradition of having portraits of ancestors and other members of the family in the house: even in ancient Rome, the death masks of the ancestors were displayed in the house, in later centuries portraits of the relatives were often hung in affluent households (especially in the last few centuries on oil). Nowadays nothing speaks against hanging up pictures of living relatives and using photography as a means instead of time-consuming and costly portrait painting. Since normally printed photos hung on the wall often remind you of the rooms of adolescent teenagers, it can be an advantage to have the photos developed a little more elaborately. In the following, some possibilities are to be presented, how you can give your own photographic works more emphasis as a mural or in other ways when furnishing your home.

Canvas prints

Of course, prints on canvas are impressive and of particularly high quality. They help the photo to attract more attention and charisma in a room. The material goes very well with scenes that have been subsequently converted to black and white. It lets the viewer feel the atmosphere of small underground galleries in the living room at home. Within the category of canvas prints there are again gradations, from the inexpensive standard model to a high quality textile print to premium print.

Standard canvas prints

In the standard version, the canvas is drawn onto a spruce frame. Spruce is relatively soft and has the advantage of being light. The stretched material is canvas, tightly woven from durable polyester fabric. The edges are printed and mirrored. This means that the last few centimeters of the motif are repeated at the edges depending on the size of the image. This ensures that no part of the motif is displaced from the front. Like all products, the standard canvas is also available in different sizes.

Textile canvas prints

Another variant is textile printing. This is where the complex process of dye sublimation printing comes into play. No traditional ink is used, but a special wax that is heated to several hundred degrees Celsius and then applied to the surface in gaseous form. The whole thing takes place in several passes, since the process must be applied individually for each color contained in the image. The material that is printed on is a very dense fabric at 270 grams per square meter. The prints produced in this way are characterized by scratch resistance and high lightfastness. To keep the heavy fabric under tension, several tensioners are included. The frame on which the screen is mounted is also made of more stable solid wood and is sometimes thicker than that of the standard version. The special manufacturing process gives the product a shiny look, which makes it ideal for printing photographs.

Premium canvas prints

The premium version is delivered as a twelve-color art print on an even denser material (400 grams per square meter). Proof of the increased quality is the guarantee of durability for the color: It is valid for at least 100 years. The 38 millimeter thick frame is handmade and made of solid pine wood. The designated model is also provided with a precisely fitting protection on the back. To do this, the premium version can be supplemented with a floater frame. In this case, the frame covered with the canvas is inserted into an outer frame. There is a small space between the edge of the print and the outer frame, a joint that gives the frame its name. Through the embedding, the motif gains weight in the room and attracts more attention. The 38 millimeter thick, handmade floater frame is available in white and black.

Framed art print

Another possibility is to have the self-shot photograph produced as a framed art print. This approach is particularly useful for photographs that you don't want to attach to the wall in too large a format. In this case, the printing is done on so-called "smooth art paper", which is a very dense (240 grams per square meter) paper for the production of particularly high-quality posters. The print is embedded in a two millimeter thick passe-partout, which highlights the work and gives it depth. The whole thing in turn sits in a handmade wooden frame that can be ordered in different colors. In front of the picture is either an acrylic glass, which is made of plastic and is characterized by its lightness and resistance to breakage, mirror glass or an invisible museum glass that was specially developed for the art sector.

Pillows and mugs

If you run out of space on the walls without wanting to do without a certain photograph in everyday life, you can have a ceramic mug made in Germany printed on it. This way you start the day in a good mood when you drink your first coffee of the morning from a cup full of memories. In addition, unlike a print, the cup is dishwasher safe. If you want to have your own photos around you while sitting comfortably in the living room, but don't want to leave the coffee cup on the sofa all the time, you can have a pillow printed. This consists of hard-wearing satin fabric and can optionally be ordered with a somewhat firmer filling, so that it always retains its shape and volume even under heavy use. Finally, you can also take your favorite photo with you to work by having a mousepad professionally printed.

So there are a variety of ways to bring photographs that you have taken yourself or those from your circle of friends into an apartment. It is a matter of taste whether one opts for cheaper models or a higher quality version that is manufactured with great effort. This decision shouldn't just be a financial one, it should depend primarily on how the environment is set up. If you hang mainly postcards on the wall, it can seem excessive suddenly to hang up a chic frame with a passe-partout. On the other hand, you shouldn't equip a sofa from the 19th century with a motif cushion, but rather use the floater frame. In any case, with a personal photograph as a mural you have an extraordinary memento that can shape a room and thus turn an apartment into a home.

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